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financed projects

Project Autonomous Training

Promoting sustainability and quality of employment and supporting worker mobility.

Project AutoEcoMat

Development of eco-friendly multifunctional materials for vehicle components through recycling and industrial waste recovery.

Project SATEX

SATEX aims to develop and integrate new smart and functional textiles including lighting and sensorisation on headliners and door panels by incorporating them in the actual textile structures to improve the interaction between user and the functionalities present in a car. The total amount invested is 512.571,80 euros. SATEX is part-financed through Portugal 2020 - ‘Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização’ (COMPETE 2020); the sum of 303.083,07 euros coming from European Regional Development Funds. Project duration is 24 months, starting in June 2017.

Project WhatCIM

On July 1st 2018, Borgstena Textile Portugal embarked on the WhatCIM project, whose aim is to develop new wire guides for the textile industry and the manufacturing process based on ceramic nanocomposite materials and nanostructured coatings. The total amount invested is 772.350,6 euros. WhatCIM is part-financed through Portugal 2020, under CENTRO 2020 scope program; the sum of 553.300,44 coming from European Regional Development Funds. Project duration is 30 months and started in July of 2018.

Project TexBoost

Less Commodities more Specialities is part of the Cluster Têxtil programme: Technology and Fashion. The aim of which is to work on various R&I initiatives that are considered to have high collective importance as well as an elevated instigating and demonstrative effect, involving, not only, textile and apparel companies but also other sectors of the economy.

Project A-Head

The A-HEAD project aims to develop advanced solutions for projection and performance on the roof (headliner) of the car through the integration of the ability to reproduce multimedia content and/or create light effects in the headliner structures of the vehicle.

Project BorCare

Provide the company with the necessary conditions and equipment to manufacture FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 type surgical masks including non-woven Meltblown, in a unit that will ensure a microbiological clean environment and maximum quality for the goods there being produced.

Project Multigrade Mask

Development of an innovative surgical mask of a fibrous structure offering a range of properties, including hypoallergenic characteristics, increased filtration effectiveness and improved ergonomics.


COMFORDRIVER’s aim is to maximise truck driver comfort both whilst driving as well as resting; improving driver’s overall wellbeing. With a total investment of 517.202,68 euros, the COMFORDRIVER project is part-financed through Portugal 2020; ‘Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização’ (COMPETE 2020) with a total of 288.772,24 euros coming from European Regional Development Funds. Project duration is 24 months; starting November 2017.

Project ReleaseMe

Development of new textile products with advanced properties derived from the functionalisation of textiles with microcapsules customised for each product.

Project Texp@ct

This project aims to respond to the challenge of the digital transition of a sector as relevant for Portugal and Europe as the textile and clothing sector. With this pact, it is intended that the sector in Portugal will have a significant boost in terms of adopting digital technologies and solutions, while at the same time becoming more competitive in world markets, more capable, more resilient, more sustainable and more sophisticated.

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