Borgstena code of business conduct

business conduct

The present Code of Conduct lays down the principles, values and rules of professional ethics and behaviour to be observed by all employees, directors, managers and governing bodies of the company, directly or indirectly, without prejudice to other conduct of business rules applicable to the latter by virtue of their functions.

The Code of Conduct is also applicable to service providers who are in any way authorised to act on behalf and/or representing BORGSTENA. All other service providers and suppliers of BORGSTENA are also welcome to adhere to the principles in this Code.

The social responsibility of BORGSTENA requires further the implementation of the principle of sustainability – in its triple economic, social and environmental dimension –as the guiding, long-term, value of all activities.
BORGSTENA has systematically implemented a policy of valorisation and enablement of its most valuable asset, human resources, namely though ongoing and monitored qualification processes for the development of broad vocational skills, permanent adjustment of means to the intended economic and financial results, in an effort to acknowledge geographical and territorial specificities.
BORGSTENA's human resource policy focuses on the continuous upgrade of knowledge, on ethics and the development of the potential and motivation, encouraging flexibility and adaptability while fostering merit, competence, participation and commitment.
The Code of Conduct aims at positioning BORGSTENA as a reference concerning standardof conduct, relationship between employees and third parties, ensuring that BORGSTENA is recognised as an example of excellence, integrity, responsibility and rigour.

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