On July 1st 2018, Borgstena Textile Portugal embarked on the WhatCIM project, whose aim is to develop new wire guides for the textile industry and the manufacturing process based on ceramic nanocomposite materials and nanostructured coatings. The total amount invested is 772.350,6 euros. WhatCIM is part-financed through Portugal 2020, under CENTRO 2020 scope program; the sum of 553.300,44 coming from European Regional Development Funds. Project duration is 30 months and started in July of 2018.

COMFORDRIVER is a Borgstena Group Portugal project which began on the 1st November de 2017. Its aim is to develop new products that maximise truck driver’s comfort both during driving hours and rest hours; thus improving the driver’s overall wellbeing. The total amount invested is 517.202,68 euros. COMFORDRIVER is part-financed by Portugal 2020, part of ´Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização´ (COMPETE 2020); the amount of 288.772,24 euros coming from European Regional Development Funds. Project duration is 24 months, with expected end date being October 2019.

On June 1st 2017, Borgstena Textile Portugal embarked on the SATEX project, whose aim is to develop and integrate new smart and functional textiles including lighting and sensorisation on headliners and door panels by incorporating into the actual textile, structures to improve the interaction between user and the functionalities present in a car. The total amount invested is 512.571,80 euros. SATEX is part-financed through Portugal 2020; ‘Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização’ (COMPETE 2020); the amount of 303.083,07 euros coming from European Regional Development Funds. Project duration is 24 months, with expected end date May 2019.

On 15th March, Borgstena and Khalil Design, Stuttgart entered into a partnership that will focus on advanced design activities for southern German premium OEMs such as Audi, BMW, Mini, Daimler, Smart and Porsche.

Khalil Design offers advanced concept design services for the OEMs mentioned.

Borgstena will be exhibiting its latest Innovations for Automotive Interiors Trim. Please come to visit us at (Hall 3.1 Stand D34) on September 10-22, 2013 | Frankfurt / Main.

Borgstena Group Sweden opens its new Business Development office in the center of the city of Borås Sweden.

Establishment of Borgstena Textile Czech Republic.

Borgstena Gruppen Board of Directors approves the set-up of a textile production unit in the Czech Republic to support regional customers. The SOP of plant is planned for second half of 2013.

International Suppliers Fair (IZB).

In October 2012, the Borgstena Group was present as an exhibitor at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg - Germany, which is a leading European trade fair for the automotive supplier industry.

Establishment of Borgstena Textile Brazil.

Borgstena Gruppen creates the legal entity, Borgstena Textile Brazil, and will initiate the set-up of a facility for textile production in Brazil. The phase 1 of this project is planned to be ready by June 2013.

64th IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover.

In September 2012, the Borgstena Group exhibited at the 64th IAA Commercial Vehicles fair in Hannover - Germany. This trade fair is where all major commercial vehicle producers and suppliers converge.

Trimsol Romania Starts Second Plant in Reşiţa.

Borgstena Gruppen and Dual Group start a second facility in Romania to support its increase in volumes. This plant will be located in the city of Reşiţa and will, in September, start training over 100 new members of staff. This second plant reinforces Trimsol's investment in Romania as a key production base for its Cut & Sew activities.

Trimsol Brazil Starts SOP to HMC Brazil.

The new facility of Trimsol Brazil started, in August, its first supplies for the new HB20 car in Brazil. This new car will be produced at the new HMC plant located in Piracicaba and is excepted to achieve good success in the Brazilian market.

Kick-off Meeting of HARKEN Project.

Borgstena Group heads a European project, joining an international consortium with other SMEs and RTDs, to create an innovative product based on intelligent, sensing textiles, with high added value for the automotive industry. The goal of the project is to develop an in-vehicle, unobtrusive, real-time and reliable sensor of heart rate and respiration, seamlessly integrated in the driver seat and seatbelt, which can be combined with driver behaviour monitoring to enable a fatigue detection system. The project timeline is of two years and it has a total budget of 1,36 million euros.

Start-up of Trimsol Czech Republic.

Borgstena Gruppen and Dual Group start their new facility in Czech Republic to support Dymos Hyundai in the Czech Republic. This plant will serve as a warehouse and JIT supply base for the Dymos Hyundai Czech Republic and other regional customers.

Start-up of Borgstena Textile Romania.

Borgstena Gruppen commence new facility in Romania to support its regional customer. This plant is located in the city of Reşiţa, has installed lamination and inspection machines and gives regional logistic and quality support to Borgstena customers located in that region of Europe.

Start-up of Trimsol Brazil, Ltda.

Borgstena Gruppen and Dual Group start training in their first Brazilian facility (Trimsol Brazil), located in Tietê-SP.
Investments on 100% new equipment will be made for this production unit, which will supply complete seat covers for the new HMC plant in Piracicaba-SP.

Borgstena Gruppen launches website.

"This is not for us just the launch of a new website. This website symbolises for Borgstena the beginning of a New Era. The end of a five year Survival and Restructuring Strategy and the beginning of a new Development and Growth Strategy" says the Borgstena CEO in a newspaper conference.

Borgstena Gruppen and the Dual Group start training at their Romanian JV company (Trimsol). This facility has new state of the art machinery and will be the sole supplier to HMC Europe for seat covers.


Borgstena Gruppen shareholders inaugurate new textile division facility in Portugal (Borgstena Textile Portugal). The recently built facility has state of the art technology for the production of textiles for the automotive industry.