Long-term success is not just about developing good products. Within the Borgstena Gruppen, we understand that success depends on how we live our vision and the values which support it. Our values express the spirit of our company, the way we think and how we believe we should act. We are convinced that if we act in accordance with our values, we will be able to achieve our vision.

Borgstena Gruppen will obtain external and internal customer satisfaction through our VALUES:

• Innovation

Innovate, transforming ideas in textile, processes and products or improved services with added value to the company and our customers, understanding well their needs and exceeding continuously their expectations offering innovative products, processes and services.

• Customer Focus

Our customer's success is the key to our success. We must satisfy our customers by delivering high textile quality products and constantly implement continuous improvement activities in areas such as services. cost, quality, environment and technology.

• Interest in People

People are at the center of our company and whom we shall continuously reward with training, respect, career growth and good relationships.

• Continuous Improvements

We shall challenge ourselves to achieve excellence in all areas. Our ability to continuously improve in management, efficiency, quality, environment, safety and costs is critical to our success.

• Honesty & Integrity

General ethics and our values should be a guide in our daily dec1s1ons. An honest and open atmosphere shall be cultivated within the organization.

• Leadership

Lead by example and with high regard for people Delegate, decentralize, have faith in people's abilities. Integrate the company's values in the workplace. Understand that all employees are equally important for our vision to be attained.

• Environment, Safety & Health

The organization shall endorse a philosophy focused on environment and safety, where customers, employees and the interested parties can feel confident in our efforts to protect the people, natural resources and the environment through sustainable resources, continually reducing the impact we may have, for example on climate change and pollution, meeting all laws and regulations in force; where our main concern is to protect our biodiversity and ecosystems We shall guarantee health and safety of all workers through the continuous application of safe practices.